Collection: Pizza Wednesday

Pizza Wednesday at LJES!

The PTO is pleased to continue to offer pizza and breadsticks from Zappy’s Pizza to LJES students for the 2023-2024 school year! Sign ups are now open for the August to December 2023 time period. Pizza or breadsticks along with a juice box will be distributed on Wednesdays directly to student classrooms, beginning August 30th.

Please also note that the cost of the pizza subscription is pro-rated at the beginning of each month. So if you would rather have your child sign up starting later in the year
please check back for the updated cost.

In order for your child to receive pizza on time please sign
them up by the Sunday before the week you would like for
them to get their food.

Your pizza subscription today only applies to the August to
December 2023 time period. You will need to renew your
subscription in December in order for your child to keep
receiving pizza for the January to June 2024 time period.

How it works:
After you place your order online your child will be added
to the pizza list and will start to receive their pizza in their
classroom the following Wednesday.

There will be NO pizza on the weeks of Thanksgiving
Break and Winter Break. A NEW signup will open up in
December for the January to June 2024 period.

When ordering please remember to include your email
address, your child’s name, grade level and teacher’s

Email Pizza Wednesday coordinator Zainab Khan with any
questions at

"Gratitude for Our 2023-2024 PTO Supporters: Your Dedication Fuels Our Success!"

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